A Rare Case of Multiple Primary Lung Cancers in a Single Patient

This is an exciting new project that I am working on in collaboration with pathologists at the Mayo Clinic and Western University, Ontario. In this study, we will detail an MPLC-case in which two rare primary tumors were identified. One of the more difficult aspects when evaluating a patient’s tumor staging, prognosis, and treatment strategy is whether metastasis has occurred, a diagnosis made all the more difficult when MPLC are suspected.

Currently, in progress with a potential publish date in December 2020. Currently under a peer-review.


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Textbook Pathology Outlines: Colon Tumor Polyps General

Erem, AS, Van Treeck, BJ, Hartley, C.

Definition / general
A polyp is an exophytic or sessile lesion distinct from the mucosal surface and may be neoplastic or nonneoplastic
Essential features
> 95% of colorectal adenocarcinoma arises from polyps
Usually asymptomatic

Textbook Pathology Outlines: Stains CDX2

Erem, AS, Hartley, C.

This is the second project that I have worked on where we are providing content for the Pathology Outlines website. Throughout my first 2 years of medical school, I have been a faithful reader of this resource, and this is one of the ways I choose to give back to the community that supports upcoming specialists.

Currently in progress, available in 09/2020